Stories are the score within our ensemble, the noise within the sound. We all have a story or something we are passionate about, and for those brave enough to share what their journey has been, there is a great deal of satisfaction and purpose that comes in being able to encourage others. It's been said that people follow people, who follow brands. So at Symphony, we help brands grow by telling their story.


Jean. Elevate

Young Ocean Explorers. My Padi

Jordan. Quitline

Tuitui. Alliance Health +

Kylie. Life TV

Phil. Life TV

Life Leadership College

Cornelius. B4SC

Moana. Springboard

Tanielle. Life TV

Evan. Elevate

Sonya. Quitline

Tristan. Rheumatic Fever

1 + a day


Danny. Cin7

Dave. Quitline

Kaelib. Springboard

Jordan. Quitline

Through The Fire

Ghost town. Sound The Ocean

Steens Honey. Cin7

Livin The Dream. Cin7

ICPL. Kelly Sports

Chloe. Springboard

Seabirds. YOE

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