Young Ocean Explorers

When you set out to film Seabirds and you come across False Killer whales instead.


Founded by Danny Ing, Cin7 is a NZ owned and operated Software Company that is leading the world in Connected Inventory design. As apart of an ever expanding business strategy, Cin7 needed to tell their story and we helped them do just that. Check out the full version in Stories.


Quitline. We know how you feel because we've been there ourselves.


We gather sound, light, colour and movement in a way that tells the world a story. We like to call it “the sound of togetherness”.

Storytelling touches the very thing that makes us feel alive, our soul. Stories help remind us of what’s important, they allow us to be real, and they leave an impression. They are the score of our ensemble, the signal within the noise.

We champion people and what they are about. Why? because that's our story.

Symphony. We tell stories

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Regional Television is where it all started, filming local news and current affair stories. We've travelled the world filming in over 30 prisons across five continents and have produced TV commercials for some of New Zealand’s best-known brands.

We started Symphony in 2011. We produce documentaries, commercials and online content for a wide range of platforms.

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